Proven Success Principles in the 21st Century

What Does It Take To Achieve Success?

A company’s values lie at the heart of the business and serve as the foundation for its founding and working principles.

Identifying your company’s core values is a fundamental step on the road to success, as once you establish what those values are, you have the answer to a very important question: “Why do I do what I do?”

It is the 'why' that you lead with. It is what you stand for, and what your company, product, or service is promoting.

Once you have firmed up your core values, the next step to success is setting goals for where you want to go as a company.

Having firm, achievable goals will:

-Grow your business
-Cultivate teamwork and collaboration
-Help you and your team know where the business is headed

With clearly defined goals, your employees are able to work with a purpose towards that goal, and it is with a purpose that teamwork and collaboration are possible.

Now to put your company values and goals into play, you need to be able to execute on your strategy. One way to do that is to create an operating rhythm.

A rhythm sets a cadence for productivity by allowing you to engage with your employees on a regular basis. (It is this kind of engagement that creates a welcoming atmosphere for teamwork!)

Meet, John Alston, “I am here to help you achieve success!”

John Alston is a 36-year veteran of Emergency Management. He is a John Maxwell Certified Executive Coach, Trainer, and Behavioral Analyst. He came to the John Maxwell Team with over 30 years of experience as a trainer. As a First Responder to the World Trade Center, on September 11, 2001, John witnessed leadership and courage on a grand scale which impacted his life forever.

For the last four years, John has served as the Fire Chief of the New Haven Fire Department. John is a retired member of the Jersey City Fire Department, with over 31 years there. As a former Master Instructor for the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF), John trained hundreds of firefighters, fire officers, and first responders around the nation. He is a certified Instructor-Trainer through the National Fire Academy and the American Red Cross. He is the former Operations Director and Chair of Curriculum for the Carl Holmes Executive Development Institute where he trained and coached hundreds of Emergency Management Officers to become Executive Officers. John has been blessed to travel and train persons all over the world.

Hosted by:

John Alston

Creating and Measuring Success

It is with purpose, strategy, team engagement, and goal-driven performance that you set yourself apart as a company by defining what makes your product or service unique and learning how to best market it for the success of your company.

Staying ahead of the curve, measuring your performance, and keeping close to the core of your company are all principles to follow that lead to employee motivation, customer satisfaction, and overall success as your business continues to grow.

This webinar, Proven Success Principles in the 21st Century, is a great opportunity for business owners looking to set their business apart from other businesses by creating goals and establishing a strategy for success.

Please join me to find out more!

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